I am trying to block a user from accessing certain content/blocks if they do not have permission to view content of a certain type within a group.

I have the user ID and the group ID, but how do I check the user's permissions for that group? I can't find any documentation.

To start, how would I print all the permissions for a given user and group?

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Assuming that $gid contains the group ID and $uid contains the user ID, you can get the list of the permission names that user has on the group using the following code.

$group = entity_object_load($gid, 'group');
$permissions = $group->userPermissions($uid);

$permissions will contain an array with all the permission names.


The Group class has a userHasPermission() method you can use. So something like this:

if ($group->userHasPermission($user->uid, 'some permission')) {
  // do something.

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