I am running a Drupal 6 site using the SMTP (6.x-1.0-beta5) and the PHPMailer (6.x-2.2) modules for messaging. I configured SMTP and PHP messages, successfully sent and received test messages.
I am using the Organic Groups module and trying to utilize the messaging functions in it, for example receiving notifications for administrator users regarding membership approval.

Drupal isn't sending any mail. When I checked the recent log entries, it reports this error.

Could not locate PHPMailer library

In /admin/messaging/settings I use HTML Mail (PHPMailer) as the default sending method.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

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The module relies on the PHPMailer class to send HTML mail. So to send HTML e-mails using Messaging you first need to install PHPMailer.

Check the README.txt file at /messaging/messaging_phpmailer/ for PHPMailer installation instructions.


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