I am creating a webform that collects data on the number of private offices that a company wants in their workspace and then does calculations based on those quantities. I can easily do the basic calculations for those calculations. For example:

      '#type': number
      '#title': 'Quantity Needed'
      '#admin_title': 'CEO Office Qty'
      '#min': 0
      '#type': computed_twig
      '#title': 'Total SF'
      '#admin_title': 'CEO Office Total'
      '#template': '{{(data.ceo_office_qty * 300)}}'
      '#store': true
      '#ajax': true

Then, I want to combine a number of these computed twigs together to get a total. I obviously can just to the math all over again in a new computed twig, but it would be simpler and more elegant (also less error prone) to be able to reference the data from the computed fields. For example:

    '#type': computed_twig
    '#title': 'Net Usable SF'
    '#admin_title': 'Net Usable SF'
    '#template': '{{(data.ceo_office_total + data.manager_office_total + data.std_office_total + data.small_office_total)}}'
    '#store': true
    '#ajax': true

Any idea on why the above doesn't work? This just gives me the quantity of fields added together, rather than their data, which is what I want.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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