I'd like to change the attribute "type" to "search". The search icon goes over the top of the text making it hard to see what you are typing. The themes are a combination of Adminimal for admin and Bulma for the front end. The Bulma front end is the problem.

The source html is as follows.

<input id="admin-toolbar-search-input" aria-labelledby="toolbar-item-administration-search" type="text" size="60" maxlength="128" class="form-text input ui-autocomplete-input" autocomplete="off" tabindex="-1">

I want the type attribute to be search so that the icon is hidden when you enter text.

I've tried overriding the bulma template input--bulma.html.twig. Not ideal from a scope perspective and setting these attributes here doesn't work.

{{ attributes.setAttribute('type', 'search') }}

Ideally I would find a theme pre-process function. I can't see to find one that works. How do I go about it?


The following hook works. I found it by text searching the project

function mytheme_preprocess_input(&$variables, $hook) {
 if ($hook == "input" && $variables['attributes']['id'] == "admin-toolbar-search-input") {
   $variables['attributes']['type']  = "search";

It does not solve the icon problem in this case. The icon is in a different DOM element.

The fix to the search icon being over the text was

#admin-toolbar-search-tab input:focus + .icon.is-left {
 display: none;

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