How can I add Is-Active class on custom link path in view. I have created block of taxonomy term name and format is Grid view. I have added field "Name" and in its configuration given custom path link. So when user click on name in page is-active class should add. How can I achieve this in view. Please check attached images. where to apply active class on link

My out tabs look

  • The link class shown in the screenshot is active. The Views module doesn't change that to is-active, for what I can recall. – kiamlaluno May 15 at 13:08
  • @kiamlaluno manually I have added that active class that is shown in attached above images. How can i add is-active class on click of link path. – manoj kumar Srivastaw May 18 at 3:27
  • It would not make much sense, doing that: Once the link is clicked, the shown page changes. If it were possible to add a class when a link is clicked, that would be a change that last few microseconds; after that, a new page is rendered. – kiamlaluno May 18 at 9:02

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