I'm trying to create a search view, by following these instructions. But I've run into some difficulties.

So far, I've done the following:

  • Installed the Search API module
  • Installed the Search API Database Search module
  • Installed (and then uninstalled) the Database Search Defaults module, to scaffold a generic Search API server and index
  • Uninstalled the core Search module

Now, I'm trying to set up my view – and I'm having some problems.

  1. Most importantly, when try to add a filter to my view, there is no "Fulltext search" option. In fact, the "Search" filter category has disappeared entirely.

  2. The tutorial linked above says: "For the format you can either use 'Rendered entity', to use the display mode(s) set up previously, or 'Fields' for working with the individual fields."

    Since I'm a newcomer to Drupal, I don't really understand what a "rendered entity" is, or whether this is what I want. But I know that it's not available for selection. I did find a suggestion that I need to install the Entity API module before this option will be available. But I tried that, and it didn't help.

  3. Under "Show:", my view currently says: "Content | Search index"

    The tutorial says: "It is merely important that the correct selection under 'Show:' is the name of your search index, not 'Search index(es)'."

    But when I click on "Search index" (so that I can select the specific index to filter on), it doesn't give me a list of configured search indexes to choose from. It just gives me a dropdown labeled "View mode", with options such as "Default", "RSS", "Search index", "Teaser", etc.

    How am I supposed to tell Drupal which search index to use for this view?

I have, of course, cleared cache repeatedly :)

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