I have a setup of Drupal 7 with the Apache Solr Search module. I am planning to upgrade the solr server's current installed version(3.6) to a higher version.

The latest version of Solr available in their site is 8.5.1.

Which is the highest version of Solr that is compatible with the module?

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Given there is an issue in the project issue queue (Solr 7 integration) about allowing to use the module with Solr 7, the module is at the moment only compatible with Solr 5 and eventually Solr 6.

Notice that the README.txt file has not been updated since 6 years ago and that the solr-conf directory contains configuration files for Solr 1.4, 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x. This means the module has been tested with Solr 5.x, at least the 5.x version that was available 4 years ago.

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