I am working on a system that pulls in available dates and booking references from a third party API - we then need to add these pieces of extra information to a line_item that is added to cart.

I have the custom line item setup by way of


What I would really like to see now is several products (Adult, Child, Concession) - all being available within one form - and a single add to bag button. With the caveat of needing to submit the custom line_item attributes at the same time (these values will be copied over using Javascript after being selected in the UI).

I have made use of commerce_add_to_cart_extras - which provides a view of the products - with a single add to bag - but no notion of being able to add the line_item attributes to the form. Indeed - I'm not even sure that the form processing of this module caters for custom line_item - even if my form_alter code managed to get the syntax of the extra fields correct:

$form_state['rebuild'] = TRUE;
        $form['line_item_fields']['#tree'] = TRUE;
        foreach(element_children($form['add_to_cart_quantity']) as $key) {
          //  echo ("here: ".print_r($form['add_to_cart_quantity'][$key]));                                    
                '#product_id' => $form['add_to_cart_quantity'][$key]['#product_id'],
                '#tree' => TRUE

Has anybody got a solution to how this can be done? We only have one product type - and one custom line item type to consider - and they have a 1:1 mapping.

Hope someone can help here!

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