I am trying to delete a taxonomy vocabulary but before doing that, I want to know if there is any content type with a field referencing a taxonomy vocabulary.

My first thought was using a view, but that would only list content. Unless it can display the type and group by the type, it would not be the best solution.

  • That info is stored in the config table in the DB. You could do a quick query for something like SELECT * FROM config WHERE data LIKE '%<your_vocab_machine_name>%' AND name LIKE 'field.field%' that should bring back any fields that mention your vocab – Leigh May 21 at 10:15

If you want to check from UI then maybe you can try the Field list page (/admin/reports/fields) for checking which all the places have the required taxonomy field has been referenced/used.

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  • That page only lists all your fields. Due to a field can be an entity reference, you won't know if you are pointing at a taxonomy, node, etc. Even if you'd know that only uses taxonomy, you can't say wich taxonomy. – user98716 May 21 at 11:40

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