In Drupal 8, I have created two taxonomies programmatically. I want to use these taxonomies as Parent-Child relationship. One taxonomy is 'Country' and second is 'City'. I want that if user select USA from 'Country' Taxonomy then only USA cities will be shown in the second taxonomy.

Any help?

  • Hey hey, your question is lacking details on what exactly you've tried yourself so far and what exactly is wrong with it. We need to see the code that's not working. Please update your question accordingly. Many thanks – leymannx May 22 at 19:51
  • @leymannx: Well I just create a taxonomy and Terms programatically in Drupal 8 and it works fine. But I did not find any way or a sample code to make a parent child relationship between taxonomy. – EBDEV May 23 at 7:33

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