On drupal 8 I am facing an issue with views.
I created a view listing all nodes of a certain content type.
I added basic fields, Title, Date content was created, and a read more link.
The view works fine with these fields, but when i add Comment Statistics: Comment count, all nodes that don't have any comment don't show up in the view.
It only lists nodes that received comments.

Any idea on how to fix this ? Am I doing something wrong ?


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I think it is you. Unable to re-produce. Here is a example view listing content nodes, two fields and the comments count.

Drupal 8 view listing content and comment count

I also exported the example view example view that you can import and test out for yourself.

  • Yes, you're right. I tried on a fresh drupal 8 and it went well, so it means there's something wrong with that install, which is a good thing because I'm also having trouble with flagged content. Flagged nodes appear multiple times in views. If four people flag a node (bookmark flag for ex.) it appears 4 times on the view ! I ticked the distinct option on the view's query settings but it didn't fix it, I should try that on the new install and see if it produces the same result. Thank you for taking time to help
    – NSTK
    May 28, 2020 at 1:37

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