I am unable to debug this because when I print the display object I get a memory error from the size. so with something like this I can get the display title.

function mailnow_views_pre_render(\Drupal\views\ViewExecutable $view) {
  $displayObj = $view->getDisplay();
  $displayName = $displayObj->display['display_title'];

I can get the machine name with $view->current_display == 'companies_page'

But I want to be able to get the display type for instance "Block" or "Page"


You can get it with

$plugin_id = $view->style_plugin->displayHandler->getPluginId();
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  • For clarity, that is for the active display, not in the generic sense for all displays attached to a $view. The active display isn't available in some of the early hooks (and I totally forget which ones). – mpdonadio Jun 3 at 22:16

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