I use search api module and a view of products. If I put the search text block and I do a search, It redirect to an url like this: <my domain>?search_api_fulltext=word1+word2+word3&sort_by=title_1&sort_order=ASC

Where all search words are separated by a plus sign ("+"). I have my custom search block and I want to redirect to the same url in the submit function of the form. This is my code:

public function submitForm(array &$form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {

if (!empty($form_state->getValue('textBox'))) {      
  $text = str_replace(' ', '+', $form_state->getValue('textBox'));
  $option = [
    'query' => ['search_api_fulltext' => $text, 
  $url = Url::fromUri('internal:/shop', $option);


But it redirect to <my domain>?search_api_fulltext=word1%2Bword2&sort_by=title_1&sort_order=ASC, where plus signs are replaced with %2B, and then, the search is incorrect. How could I avoid this replacement?

  • I suspect you need to pass an array for multiple values, instead of creating the string as you are. Try changing this $text = str_replace(' ', '+', $form_state->getValue('textBox')); to $text = explode(' ', $form_state->getValue('textBox'));. – Jaypan Jun 4 '20 at 15:16
  • Thanks for your help but It doesn't work. – briast Jun 4 '20 at 15:52

The URL you're building is taking the query (e.g. "word1 word2 word3") and replacing it with literal "+" chars for spaces. Hence, the %2B encoding in the string.

You don't need to parse/encode $form_state->getValue('textBox'). Per the documentation of Url::fromUri() for the $options param:

  • 'query': An array of query key/value-pairs (without any URL-encoding) to append to the URL.

$options['query'] expects its key/value pairs to have the literal strings.

You needn't worry about +/%20 encoding differences. They are different ways to encode the space character. (the + is an older space-encoding spec which you can do if absolutely needed, see rawurlencode, urlencode, & http_build_query in the PHP docs).

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