When I click on Reports > Status report, the Install profile field says Snrub (snrub-"1.1) (with exactly one double quote). Where is this value defined?

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When the status report is rendered, profile info is retrieved from drupal_get_profile() (by referencing the install_profile var) as well as system_get_info() to retrieve all the metadata properties (by referencing the system data table)


The installation profile name given in the status report is output from system_requirements(), which uses the following code. (Note that code outputs the installation profile name and, between parentheses, the profile name returned from drupal_get_profile() and its version. It's not the installation profile name that contains the installation profile version.)

// Display the currently active installation profile, if the site
// is not running the default installation profile.
$profile = drupal_get_profile();
if ($profile != 'standard') {
  $info = system_get_info('module', $profile);
  $requirements['install_profile'] = array(
    'title' => $t('Install profile'),
    'value' => $t('%profile_name (%profile-%version)', array(
      '%profile_name' => $info['name'],
      '%profile' => $profile,
      '%version' => $info['version'],
    'severity' => REQUIREMENT_INFO,
    'weight' => -9,

In other places, Drupal shows the distribution name, which is returned from drupal_install_profile_distribution_name().

  // During installation, the profile information is stored in the global
  // installation state (it might not be saved anywhere yet).
  if (drupal_installation_attempted()) {
    global $install_state;
    return $install_state['profile_info']['distribution_name'];
  else {
    $profile = drupal_get_profile();
    $info = system_get_info('module', $profile);
    return $info['distribution_name'];

In both the case, that information is found in the .info file used from the installation profile / distribution. For example, the .info file for the Panopoly distribution contains the following lines.

name = Panopoly
distribution_name = Panopoly
description = A magical framework for building Drupal products based on the Panels module
core = 7.x
exclusive = 1

; Drupal Core
dependencies[] = block
dependencies[] = menu
dependencies[] = image
dependencies[] = list
dependencies[] = number
dependencies[] = options
dependencies[] = path
dependencies[] = taxonomy
dependencies[] = search
dependencies[] = shortcut
dependencies[] = field
dependencies[] = field_ui
dependencies[] = file
dependencies[] = dblog
dependencies[] = update

; Panopoly Foundation
dependencies[] = panopoly_core
dependencies[] = panopoly_images
dependencies[] = panopoly_theme
dependencies[] = panopoly_magic
dependencies[] = panopoly_widgets
dependencies[] = panopoly_admin
dependencies[] = panopoly_users

; Panopoly Toolset
dependencies[] = panopoly_pages
dependencies[] = panopoly_search
dependencies[] = panopoly_wysiwyg

; Panopoly Recommended - Admin & UI
dependencies[] = navbar
dependencies[] = breakpoints
dependencies[] = backports
dependencies[] = simplified_menu_admin
dependencies[] = save_draft
dependencies[] = module_filter
dependencies[] = date_popup_authored
dependencies[] = views_ui

; Panopoly Recommended - Other
dependencies[] = devel
dependencies[] = distro_update
dependencies[] = uuid
dependencies[] = apps

If you are searching which file you need to edit to remove the double-quote character shown in the installation profile version, that is the .info file of the installation profile / distribution you used to install Drupal. Check the values given for the version key. The installation profile / distribution is using a wrong value for the version. (Actually, a distribution hosted on Drupal.org should not add the version key in its .info file, since that is automatically added from the packaging scripts running on Drupal.org. On Drupal.org, there isn't any Snrub distribution; I take it's a custom distribution hosted somewhere else, or build specifically for the site you are maintaining/developing.)

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