I am using Drupal 8 and I am trying to order my query like so:

 $query = db_query("SELECT * FROM `heritage_source_info`WHERE text_id = :textid AND format = :format ORDER BY type ASC", [':textid' => $textid, ':format' => 'text'])->orderBy('FIELD(type,moolam,translation,commentary)');

$available_sources_text = $query->fetchAll();

But it says call to an undefined function orderBy(). Could you help me with the correct syntax?


The object returned from db_query() is an instance of a class implementing StatementInterface, which doesn't have any orderBy() method. Since you are using a SQL string, you can order the result adding an ORDER BY clause.

As side note, instead of db_query(), which is deprecated and it's going to be removed from Drupal 9, the code should use \Drupal::database()->query().

The alternative is using \Drupal::database()->select(). In this case, the object returned, which implements SelectInterface, has a orderBy() method.

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