I have 3 different content types:

  • exhibitions
  • events
  • programs

All 3 content types have a hashtags field (a taxonomy term field).

I have a view with the following filter criteria.

  • content type = "exhibitions, events, programs"

I created another content type (general hashtags) and it's only possible to create a single node of this content type.

This content type has a filter hashtags field (another taxonomy term field), where users enter all the hashtags they want.

I have a page called "hashtags" and I want to show all content filtered by the filter hashtags field, but I have four different content types.

I tried:

  • filter criteria: "filter hashtags" is one of (options), is all of (options)
  • relationship: hashtags and contextual filters: filter hashtags (tried with "taxonomy term ID from URL" and "content ID from URL")
  • relationship: filter hashtags and contextual filters: hashtags (tried with "taxonomy term ID from URL" and "content ID from URL")

None of them works.

Is there a better way to achive this filter options?

I don't want to expose filters to visitors. I want a BO option only.

Edited -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maybe this can help to explain better my problem.

I want to achive the same result as exposed filter, like this eg.

exposed filter

BUT I don't want to expose this filter, instead I want this option as backoffice option where content editor can choose what hashtags will appear/filter.

  • Can you clarify what you're trying to achieve? A View page that has some exposed filters on it? Or to match taxonomy from one CT to another CT? What is the purpose of one-page CT? – prkos Jun 9 at 22:36
  • Hi, I want to create a hashtag page, for eg. when you click on a hashtag on IG or FB, you open a page with all content using a specific hashtag. My page will show all content using a specific hashtags (could be 1 hashtag or 10), but who choose this hashtags to show is my content creator. I want in my BO an option to choose some hashtags to show, like I said could be 1, 2 etc, I don't want to limit that choice, after that I want a page to show all content using those hashtags. – Pedro Jun 10 at 12:52
  • 1
    Do you know that there is "Taxonomy term" Views, already built in, you just have to enable it. It provides pages that list all content for a particular taxonomy term. Those can be modified to add more filters. What do you need on top of that? – prkos Jun 10 at 14:14
  • Welcome to Drupal Answers! Note that questions asking to suggest/find modules are off-topic for us. That is the reason why that question has been removed. It is also preferable to keep a single question per post. (In fact, there is a closing reason for questions asking multiple questions.) – kiamlaluno Jun 10 at 15:56
  • @kiamlaluno thank you for your heads up. – Pedro Jun 10 at 18:14

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