I tried to simply extend the Date element in webforms like this

 * Provides a 'birthday' element.
 * @WebformElement(
 *   id = "birthday",
 *   label = @Translation("Birthday"),
 *   description = @Translation("Provides a custom form element for birthday date selection."),
 *   category = @Translation("Date/time elements"),
 * )
class BirthdayElement extends Date {}

and I see and can select it in the build options. However when I click on the Test tab, I only see the Label and no date input field. What am I missing?


Webform elements require a Drupal Form API 'Element' plugin and 'WebformElement' plugin.

@see webform_example_element.module

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  • thank you for pointing that out, that solved my issue. – schaefdi Jun 15 at 9:41

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