CKEditor inserts extra <p> tags when users enter a newline.

How do I disable this automatic paragraph tag?


You need to modify these settings to CKeditor.

// The writing rules for the <p> tag.
writer.setRules( 'p', {
// Inserts a line break after the <p> opening tag.
        breakAfterOpen : true,

This can either be set programmatically, via JS or I believe you should be able to add it directly via the UI, if you visit the Ckeditor settings page, there should be a box where you can enter ckeditor settings.

For more info see ckeditor docs: https://docs-old.ckeditor.com/CKEditor_3.x/Developers_Guide/Output_Formatting


Edit the Text format your users use and disable the option that turns new lines into paragraphs or breaks.

You can find the Text formats under Configuration > Content authoring > Text formats and editors.

When you edit the one your users are using you will see that option enabled, you have to disable it:

CKeditor options Text formats

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