I installed the Opgino installation for Drupal 8 and created a sub-theme for default theme that comes with Opigno. The subtheme works as it should, except on certain paths. Anything with a path of /group/* uses the parent theme. (I.e., example.com/group/40/module/37/answer/32) None of the styles, JavaScript or other template will work on these pages.

The Switch Page Theme module does nothing to help. Among the Opigino module files, I couldn't find references to ThemeNegotiatorInterface. I found a modules with multiple references to the parent theme in the *.yml install file.

status: true
    - group
    - opigno_learning_path
    - platon
id: opignogroupoperationsblock
theme: platon

Does that mean it's set in the database for these pages and this module? Is it possible to create installation yml files that override these?

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