I have created a view which lists contacts and groups them by office. However some contacts show up multiple times (I'd assume that is since some use taxonomy for their job titles, and some have more than one job title – but then I noticed even those with a single job role show up more than once so it's kind of random). Each contact only have one office connected to them.

Aggregated count distinct shows exactly the same items side by side still.

Distinct works for some of them, not in combination with aggregation though so that doesn't help. I tried creating a taxonomy based view instead since I read that would be better suited, but the issue is exactly the same.

This is very frustrating, I've searched for hours now without any result sadly. If there is any tutorial I've missed or general suggestion I'd be very grateful, I'm at a total loss since it seems like the functionality in views is kind of broken(?).

  • Views results aren't duplicated randomly, there is always a reason behind it. Do you have any Relationships added to your Views? You need to update your question with all the relevant Views info, screenshots welcome. – prkos Jun 21 at 0:25

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