Okay, so I configured the Full HTML text format and added some buttons to CKEditor locally in a Lando environment. Then I exported the configuration with drush cex, committed it, pulled and imported on production with drush cim. However, even though changes can be seen in admin/config/content/formats/full_html, buttons aren't there when creating content. Any ideas? I also cleared caches. I even changed permissions on sites/defaultrecursively to 777 before clearing caches through the UI.

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Which version of Drupal are you running?

Since the new button appears in admin/config/content/formats/full_html I guess the Config Import/Export worked but the connection between the new config and the CKEditor in the content didn't update?

I will try that on my setup since im working with drush cex and drush cim regularly.

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  • I am on 8.9. I may have found the issue. I will post it as an answer after I confirm with my local installation. – Kartagis Jun 27 at 15:03

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