my question is how to display "select list widget" like "autocomplete widget" when
I create or edit an entity, I mean with "add another field". I need this
because I need repeating field values ​​in "EntityReference select list
widget" as I would with "autocomplete widget" or as shown in the module "Double Field". thanks and sorry for my english

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I found everything I was looking for in the Multiple Selects module. Here is a quote about it (from the module's project page):

... provides a widget called Multiple Selects list for the the following fields types:

  • entity_reference
  • node_reference
  • user_reference
  • taxonomy_term_reference
  • list_integer
  • list_float
  • list_text
  • list_boolean
  • commerce_product_reference

Rather than having a multi-select field, this modules allows you to have multiple select fields with the traditional FieldAPI 'Add another item' button.

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