I have been trying to update the core from 8.6.14 to 8.9.1. I am facing the below error while running drush updb comments

> [error]  Field storage definition for 'revision_id' could not be
> found.  [error]  Update failed: paragraphs_update_8022  [error] 
> Update aborted by: paragraphs_update_8022  [error]  Finished
> performing updates.

I have used the below comments for updating the core

  1. removed vendor
  2. removed composer.lock
  3. composer remove --dev webflo/drupal-core-require-dev
  4. composer update (after changed the core version in composer.json)
  5. drush updb
  6. drush entup

I am not sure how to solve this error? Please someone guide me on this?

Thanks for advance!

  • Can anyone help me on this? – logeshvaran Jul 1 at 14:23

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