Currently running Drupal 7.69 / PHP 7.3 (+ CiviCRM)

I have recently updated some Modules : Webform, Views Bulk Operations, i18n, and Content Access. Since then, my Webform Emails do not show the pertaining tokens (but they just show the token titles) :

All those tokens are not populated : [submission:completed_date:long], [submission:user], [submission:values], [submission:url]

Any help is welcome

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I could solve the problem, but an issue still remains.

I have disabled Token and Entity Tokens Modules (and requested associated Modules)

... then reactivated :

The probem comes from the Advanced User Management Module : when it is enabled, most of the tokens cannot be browsed (among which the default proposed ones in the mail content).

... So, I cannot use this Module any more.

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