Hello it is possible to order the output of the paragraphs for example

Type of content Blog I create a blog details field that calls the type of paragraphs and there I select image and description

In my content it goes in this order

  • 1 Image
  • 2 Description

In the view I call that field blog details and they appear to me but based on the order of the node

But I don't want it to look like this

  • 1 description
  • 2 image

and always look in that order

  • Why not make separate fields for image and description of they're always in a specific order? – sonfd Jul 3 at 20:00
  • Hello, within a paragraph field I can choose between several types of paragraphs, in this case I have an image paragraph and a description paragraph and a single widget button that allows me to add which one I want like this image i.stack.imgur.com/9ofvV.png – user99451 Jul 3 at 20:14
  • Oh, I misunderstood. Sorry. Are we you trying to show only the description and image paragraphs in your view? In your image I see 5 total paragraphs, are you trying to show a subset of the total paragraphs added to your field, and show them in a specific order? – sonfd Jul 4 at 10:17
  • Hello exactly in the view it is shown according to the order that was saved in the node But I want a different order of sight – user99451 Jul 4 at 14:22

I don't believe there's a way to sort the values of a field at the view level. However, you can easily get the results you want by creating a custom field formatter and then using it to render your field in the view.

You can read more about field formatters by reading the Create a custom field formatter documentation on d.o.

Create a custom formatter that extends the formatter you're using now. I'm guessing you're using the default ERR formatter so you'll want to extend Drupal\entity_reference_revisions\Plugin\Field\FieldFormatter\EntityReferenceRevisionsEntityFormatter.

You'll need to override viewElements() or getEntitiesToView() - I'd override getEntitiesToView().

protected function getEntitiesToView(EntityReferenceFieldItemListInterface $items, $langcode) {
  // Let the parent class get all entities in the field first.
  $all_entities = parent::getEntitiesToView($items, $langcode);
  $my_entities = [];

  // Get first Description paragraph.
  $desc = $this->getFirstOfType($all_entities, 'MY_DESCRIPTION_BUNDLE');
  if (!empty($desc)) {
    $my_entities[] = $desc;

  // Get first Image paragraph.
  $img = $this->getFirstOfType($all_entities, 'MY_IMAGE_BUNDLE');
  if (!empty($img)) {
    $my_entities[] = $img;

  return $my_entities;

protected function getFirstOfBundle($entities, $bundle) {
  foreach($entities as $entity) {
    if ($entity->bundle() == $bundle) {
      return $entity;

  return FALSE;
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  • Hi thanks for answering I wish I could do it from the views but I will try to use your example – user99451 Jul 5 at 23:06

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