When a single test newsletter is sent, Drupal provides me with the expected URL as follows:

{% set foo = url('<current>') %}
<p class="link-to-page">
<a href="{{ foo|render|replace({'simplenews':  ""}) }}">{{ 'You can view this news article in your web browser' }}</a>

Or by using the trim Twig function

But when sending the actual newsletter issue to subscribers, the batch process causes the url(‘current’) to provide a batch url like https://my-site.uk/batch

How can I obtain the one I want (to direct newsletter recipients to the page). Will a preprocess theme function see the same url values as twig or can I reliably capture the node’s real URL there Somehow?

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This is better!

<p class="link-to-page">
  <a href=" {{ url('entity.node.canonical', {'node': node.id}) }}">
      You can view this news article in your web browser

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