I am using below modules for Search module:

drupal/elasticsearch_connector": "^5.0@alpha"
drupal/search_api: "^1.8"

I am using AWS Elastic Search.

What the issue I am facing is, the search result giving priority to sort instead of title.

I am using version 6.3 for elastic search. I cannot upgrade the module or Elastic Search module version due to custom dependency.


https://search-XXXXXXXXXX.ap-southeast-1.es.amazonaws.com/elasticsearch_index_drupal_product_index/_search?source={"query":{"bool":{"should":[{"multi_match":{"query":"Test item","fields":["title.suggestion"],"fuzziness":1}}]}},"size":12,"sort":[{"field_x":"asc","field_y":"desc"}]}&source_content_type=application/json

If I have above URL then in the result it will give first priority to field_x then field_y instead of which matches to Test item

So if user is going to search with Product title, then he never get the match product at first place.

In search


  • Ignore case, Stemmer -> I didn't enabled
  • Tokenizer -> Enabled with default settings for all fields

Am I missing something in configiration?

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