I'm using Field Permissions module to restrict access to each field.

If you choose custom permission on /admin/structure/types/manage/CONTENT_TYPE/fields/FIELD_NAME, you'll see these permissions are available:

  • Enter own value for field [FIELD_NAME]
  • Edit own value for field [FIELD_NAME]
  • Edit any value for field [FIELD_NAME]
  • View own value for field [FIELD_NAME]
  • View any value for field [FIELD_NAME]

I would like to add some permissions with extra conditions like 'Edit any value for field [FIELD_NAME] if the field is empty'.

For D7 version of the module there was a hook called hook_field_permissions_list_alter but there's no such thing in D8 version.

Is there any way to modify the list?

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With Drupal 8, the module implemented the permission type plugins. To add more permissions, you implement a new permission type plugin, using one of the existing plugin classes as example, such as Drupal\field_permissions\Plugin\FieldPermissionType\CustomAccess or Drupal\field_permissions\Plugin\FieldPermissionType\PrivateAccess. Drupal\field_permissions\Plugin\FieldPermissionType\Base is used as base class, and simplifies the creation of new permission type plugins.

Note that the module invokes the hook_field_permission_type_plugin_alter() implementations, as described in the field_permissions.api.php file. That hook can just be used to remove a permission type plugin, or change the plugin properties given in its annotation (which doesn't include the permissions exposed from the plugin, for what I can see).

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