I have been tasked to customize a view, and I have been struggling with its exposed form, because I need to display some informations. Here is how it should look:


These elements act as a checkbox, but the number on the right is the number of nodes that have this tag linked.

So far, I have nothing code related, because I simply don't know how to handle this. The theme itself would accept an array of array, each of them containing the checkbox's text, its value, and this number, like so:

tabs: [
      label: "Topics",
      filtersType: "tag",
      filterName: "loremField[]",
      filters: [
          id: "lorem1",
          label: "Loremi",
          items: "5"
          id: "lorem2",
          label: "Loremi",
          items: "15"

However, I'm not able to either pass this "items" key to either the form, and I'm not sure at all that I can customize the input from the hook form alter. For a reference, here is the template:

<div class="c-tag-filters">
  {% for item in filters %}
    <div class="c-tag-filters__item">
      <input id="{{item.id}}" name="{{ filters.filterName }}" class="c-tag-filters__item__input" type="checkbox">
      <div class="c-tag-filters__item__content">
        <label for="{{item.id}}">{{item.label}} <span class="c-tag-filters__item__content--nb">{{ item.items }}</span></label>
  {% endfor %}

So, how should I proceed in this case?

Thank you in advance

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