In my Drupal 8 site I have a newspaper, that consists of multiple non-fix categories. Within these categories I have two different types of articles. As an editor I want to assign these two types to certain authors. So for example the editor sets up the current categories and wants to assign type 1 articles in category 1 to author 1. That author should than be able to create these articles types for this category only.

Obviously I don't want to create a content type for every combination of category and article type, as the content is structurally the same and the amount of content types would be unreasonably high. I could tag the article types with the corresponding categories, but still for now I cannot find a way to properly handle the permissions/access to the creation of specific article types within a certain category. So is there any way i can differentiate between the article types of different categories, that can be used for handling the permissions of what content authors can create?

Any module recommendation, help or hint would be highly appreciated.

  • It seems like you already have your answer, couple node access with taxonomy term access. There is more than one module related to that, investigate them and see which one is best suited for your needs. Use the module search on drupal.org, filter Drupal version and category, enter a keyphrase and you'll be very close to your solution. – prkos Jul 9 at 16:20

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