I'm extremely new to Drupal so if my question is badly worded I'm sorry. Inside my menu_ui_override.module I have made a made a new field and added a custom submit handler:

function menu_ui_override_form_menu_edit_form_alter(&$form, \Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {
  $form['menu_header'] = array(
    '#type' => 'textfield',
    '#title' => t('Menu header'),
    '#weight' => '0',
    '#required' => FALSE,

  $form['actions']['submit']['#submit'][] = 'menu_ui_override_accept_menu_header_submit';

function menu_ui_override_accept_menu_header_submit(&$form, \Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface $form_state) {
  $values = array(
        'menu_header' => $form_state->getValue('menu_header'),
  $connection = \Drupal::database();

    'menu_header' => $values['menu_header'],

This seems to save my new field but now I'm not sure how to load the data entered into that field when I go back to edit the menu after saving it. I'm also not sure where to put the logic for this part. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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