Trying to update Drupal 8 core.

composer require drupal/core:~8.9.2 --no-update

This works fine.

composer -vvv update

It fails with the following:

  - Updating drupal/core (8.8.5 => 8.9.2):     Update failed (Could not delete web/core: )
Would you like to try reinstalling the package instead [yes]? yes
  - Removing drupal/core (8.8.5)

Could not delete web/core:

What's the easiest and/or correct way to resolve this?

(This has happened to me before but can't remember what I did to fix it)

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OK - so composer does not have read/write access to the folder. I've also seen some people mentioning composer timeouts being the problem.

In my case I am using Lando for my dev environment ands listed web/core as one of the excludes:

  - web/core

This meant the core files were not available to the container. If I remove core from the excludes then it works fine.

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