How can I get views to group upper and lowercase together?

I have the title field added twice in the view and the second instance under REWRITE RESULTS I have "Trim this field to a maximum length" of 1. My view is grouped by this second field (so the first letter of the title.)

I have tried glossary mode with a contextual filter and that also didn't yield results.

Do I have to convert the field with strtoupper in a view template to achieve this?

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In Drupal 8, a workaround is with twig. Choose the option to Override the output of this field with custom text and then use twig to capitalize.

{{ my_field|upper }}
  • Thanks. It is drupal 7. I don't want to rewrite the field with php due to security reasons and adding a span to create upper case doesn't seem to work.
    – kmharrell
    Jul 30, 2020 at 1:13

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