Acquia BLT won't let me commit some Twig.

> tests:twig:lint:all
Validating twig syntax for all custom modules and themes...
Iterating over fileset files.twig...
  ERROR  in ~/repos/agency/client-site/docroot/themes/custom/client_theme/templates/taxonomy/taxonomy-term--faq.html.twig (line 35)
      33       {{ title_suffix }}
      34       <div class="accordion" data-accordion>
  >>  35         {{ drupal_view('faqs_per_term', 'block_1', term.id) }}
  >> Unknown "drupal_view" function. 
      36       </div>
      37     </div>
 [WARNING] 28 Twig files have valid syntax and 1 contain errors.

I have installed and enabled Twig Tweak module, and rebuilt cache.

Do you know of any reason why BLT might not know the module is installed?

Possibly relevant: I'm running Drupal and BLT under Lando. The error is triggered after git push but I get the same result if I call lando blt tests:twig:lint:all directly.


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If a module defines new twig filters or functions, they need to be manually excluded from the blt linter. Per a comment in the BLT issue queue, you can make these exclusions in blt.yml like:

      - drupal_block
      - drupal_field
      - drupal_view
      - drupal_region
      - drupal_entity
      - drupal_field
      - drupal_menu
      - drupal_form
      - drupal_image
      - drupal_token
      - drupal_config
      - drupal_title
      - drupal_url
      - drupal_link
      - drupal_messages
      - drupal_breadcrumb

This is also documented in the Overriding variables at runtime section of the blt docs (it's near the bottom of the section, under the tests: list item).

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