After performing a rollback of our Drupal 7 site, we realized we had 20 - 30 users that were "lost". Looking for the most efficient / possible (?) way to recreate those users with the least impact on the end user.

The users are created using the OpenIDConnect Module (openid_connect Version: 7.x-1.0-beta8). We call out to an internal system that is functioning as the IDP. When we rolled back, the users, which still exist in the internal system, are obviously no longer in the rolled back Drupal instance. We have access to the list of users by email address. As a last-ditch solution, we can email them and have them re-setup their account through the Drupal interface.

I'm wondering if anyone has come across this or a similar problem and has a more elegant solution. Is there a way to get the data needed from the "old" Drupal 7 database for those 20 - 30 users and perhaps perform inserts directly into the "new" production Drupal instance which no longer has them?

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