I am build a webform to send emails. I have some user local accounts. I would like to login with personal user account and send an email, choosing from a list of possible senders. It is possible in that webform to choose from which email I want to send?

For e.g. I have 2 emails

  • email for advertise
  • email for internal communication

I would like to go to webform, choose from which this 2 emails I want to sent, is this possible?

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Go to your Webform and in Build tab add field of type Select (Select / Entity Select) and define all options (email addresses from which it is possible to send emails) in your field's detail form.

Then go to Webform settings and under tab Email handlers add new Email. Fill basic fields (subject, body) and as your sender (address from which email should be send) select name of the Select field you've created earlier. As receiver (address which should receive email) set whatever email you need.

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