When editing a node the meta panel fieldset accordions default to being open if they contain data.

I understand why this has been done, but I think it makes for a very noisy and potentially confusing UI for my editors.

How could I go about making these closed by default?

meta panel with accordions open

meta panel with accordions open

  • Just wanting to confirm that this also happens with Drupal 8 – MrPaulDriver Aug 13 at 12:37
  • Doesn't occur on D8, or atleast not with the default D8 admin theme. – No Sssweat Aug 13 at 12:49
  • On a fresh latest D9 9.03 using Claro experimental admin theme I don't see this issue either. They are all closed as expected. Any JS errors in your browser's console? – No Sssweat Aug 13 at 13:05
  • Sorry I was not being clear. I meant once populated and upon re-editing they are open. Seven and Claro. 8 & 9 – MrPaulDriver Aug 13 at 13:50

There are different approaches to change this behaviour. For instance, you could choose between these two at least:

  • CSS + JS: using a selector like .layout-region-node-secondary (depending on Theme), you could loop using a jQuery $.each() over the different 'details' and, if you find the 'open' property, remove it.

  • PHP: Using Hook Event Dispatcher, you could attach to the node alter event and upon firing, you could just alter the form accessing the $form / $form_state variables and removing the CSS from the items you'd like to.

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  • Thank you for the tip @jbarrio. I don't do much coding I was hoping there might be a module for this. – MrPaulDriver Aug 13 at 13:56

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