I have a custom module that displays the Commerce receipt at the checkout complete screen. I have it all working except for the adjustments (tax, shipping, discounts) section.

In my custom module I have:

 $renderable = array(
      '#theme' => 'commerce_order_receipt',
      '#order_entity' => $order,
      '#billing_information' => NULL,
      '#shipping_information' => NULL,
      '#payment_method' => NULL,
      '#totals' => NULL,
      //'#totals' => $this->orderTotalSummary->buildTotals($order),
    if ($billing_profile = $order->getBillingProfile()) {
      $profile_view_bulder = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getViewBuilder('profile');
      $renderable['#billing_information'] = $profile_view_bulder->view($billing_profile, '');
    $renderable = NULL;

The commented line: ('#totals' => $this->orderTotalSummary->buildTotals($order), ) is what calls and generates the totals to pass to the receipt theme template but since it's in a custom module the "$this" part is not functioning.

The line was originally in commerce/modules/order/scr/Mail/OrderReceiptMail

Any tipes on how to get that method call to work in my module?

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