We are using Commerce 7 to sell mattresses that may or may not have size variants like Single, Double, Queen, King. We have a facet filter on size that allows us to filter mattresses that are say Single in the /shop view.

We also display the "size-price" in the /shop view. It is always the first variant for the mattress.

However, we would like to dynamically change the size-price in the /shop view so that is a user selected say Single, they only saw Single price, not Double Queen etc.

I would be happy to modify the node--shop.tpl.php file, but it only seems to have one variation.

Any suggestions?

  • This is a bit hard to answer as we do not know how the view is built. I suppose you have a view of products, would it be a possibility to display product variations instead? That would solve your issue, but increase the amount of items in your catalog. – Neograph734 Aug 29 at 19:44

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