I need to programmatically import a block to existing view with its settings.

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I know how to export the whole view and import it programmatically. But I don't want to export whole view and then import whole view. In my view there is 25 blocks, so it gives me 4000 lines of code to import. I can copy export code only of my new block. But how to import only this part of code to the existing view? Is that possible? I can't find any solutions.

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The indicated "block" you point out in the UI, is internally called a "display". Displays are stored inside the view object in the display property (e.g. $view->display).

If you look at the views export code you should see the pattern of exported blocks (e.g. /* Display: Block 1 */, /* Display: Block 2 */, etc.) that's rendered by the views::export() method.

For each block (i.e. display) you should see the $handler = $view->new_display(...) followed by many $handler->display... lines that add the relevant fields/filters for that display.

To programmatically import a single display you would do something like the following:

$view = views_get_view('my_existing_view');
// @TODO: Add my new display handler code
  • Thank you, works like a charm :)
    – oneindige
    Commented Aug 18, 2020 at 10:24

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