I have a content type Agenda. In this content type I can create paragaphs of the type Date. This paragraph has a field date and a field location.

Now people can attend to agenda items by submitting a webform (using the webform module).

In this webform use a Entity type field together with views to make a reference to date paragraphs. This reference works perfectly and creates a select with options showing the name of the name together with date and location. But in the e-mail confirmation I don't see the paragraph fields. Only the name of the node. I want to be able to manage how the output looks in the email confirmations.

At the moment I use [webform_submission:values:agenda] to get the value from the submission.

The way it looks now is: Node:title > Content type [NID] But I want to be able to see something like: Node:title | Paragraph:Date | Paragraph Location

How or where can I change this output?

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Because I was in quite a hurry, I ended up creating hidden fields in my form for date and location. Using javascript I fetch the information from the Select field and add them to these hidden field. This way this information is send with the submission.

Not the prettiest way to do it but it works.

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