I want to set a breakpoint in xdebug to debug an interesting issue the site is having regarding user access to certain nodes. My question is where do I do that in D8? Where, specifically, is the D8 replacement for user_access to be found?

Not using any form of node access, but am using Group and Content Moderation. The problem could lie with either of them, but I thought the best approach would be to break where Drupal decides whether a user has access to node/###/edit, then step from there.

The problem is that the user's role's permissions give all node and content moderation permissions for the applicable content type. Yet, when going to the admin/content page or admin/content/moderation, given two nodes of the same content type authored by a user of the given role, with the same node and moderation status, only one has an edit button. In viewing the nodes, only one has an edit link.

I have rebuilt permissions, to no effect.


The /node/{node}/edit path is defined by the entity.node.edit_form route. This route uses the _entity_access requirement to lookup access. When that route's requested the entity API will execute EntityAccessCheck::access() and NodeAccessControlHandler::access() to lookup the account permssions for the relevant node.

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