I am trying to populate nodes programmatically from a feed (migrating earlier site to Drupal 9). So far I have managed to get everything else to move, but I can't figure out, how to set video_embed_field or rather the URL-value of the video. I found an example, but it caters just youtube, but there are also other video providers used.

I have tried the following ideas:

$node->set("field_video", $videourl);

$node->field_video = ['input' => $videourl];

$node->field_video = ['value' => $videourl];

but so far nothing works.

Could anyone hint me to the right direction?


Actually, the last try in my choices seems to work after all.

 $node->field_video = ["value" => $item["video"]];

I must have done something dumb with my editor like not saving the changes... Well, maybe someone else finds the info here...

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