I am using the Countries module (7.x-2.0-beta2) with Drupal 7.12. A Country field is part of a node and a View of all these nodes looks like this:

Place1 United States
Place2 Mexico
Place3 United States
Place4 Canada
Place5 Mexico

The Views summary, with Country field as contextual filter/argument results in the following:

CA (1)
MX (2)
US (2)

I want to get the default or full country name rather than 2-character ISO country code in the summary, but have not managed that despite trying different country field configurations.

I have Googled and not been able fo find a solution. Note that I am using the Countries module, not the Location module. Location:Countries works fine, but I am migrating from Location to Geofield.

Is there a way to obtain the country name instead of country code in the summary? Preferably without writing code, but I will take all solutions. Thanks.

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