I have a custom field class. I would like to limit it to specific content types and bundles that I will choose when my custom module is installed and as other content types meet certain criteria. I don't want it to be available at /admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields/add-field

Is hook_form_alter on the add-field page form my only option or is there an Annotation or API I can use to mark my field as "not available to this content" similar to the way FieldWidgets can be marked as applicable to only certain field types?

Note: I was also planning to add a ConstraintValidator to the field so that it won't validate if added to the wrong content.

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It is not possible to define field types which are only applicable to certain bundles. I think you need hook_form_alter for the form where the fields are chosen for a bundle to achieve that.


After some further research I will answer with what I found:

In order to make a field type be unavailable on the manage fields page there is an option in the FieldType annotion plugin called $no_ui which must be set to TRUE as documented here.

Then the field can still be added to specific content types using BaseFieldDefinition::create() in hook_entity_base_field_info or to bundles using the less common hook_entity_bundle_field_info plus hook_entity_field_storage_info.

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