I have seen several articles and tutorials covering how to do a fresh install of CiviCRM along with Drupal 8. My question is how to properly set up a migration from a combo Drupal 7/CiviCRM site to a Drupal 8/CiviCRM site. I have a fresh D8 install in a local VM and have run the following command to grab the required items for CiviCRM:

composer require civicrm/civicrm-asset-plugin:'~1.0.0' civicrm/civicrm-{core,packages,drupal-8}:'~5.29'

Since I am using CiviCRM Entities in several of my content types via entity reference I would like to ensure that it is properly functioning before proceeding with the actual Drupal migration.

So basically looking for tips on what files need updating in the fresh CiviCRM files in order to get up and running.

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    This is kind of a "What could possibly happen?" question and IMHO does not really fit here. Why don't you just try it out and ask more narrow questions if problems occur? The worst case is only wiping your fresh install and typing composer require... a second time. – Hudri Sep 16 at 16:49

Not sure if this will be down voted as an Answer but there is an Answer to this in the CiviCRM StackExchange here.

I won't try to summarise the Answer as I suspect it may require some updates since it is a year old now but I can't find another one there, but I recommend engaging there are there will be many more folk, in my opinion, who are skilled in civicrm upgrading than in this channel, and it is pretty clear I think that CiviCRM is not 'just another module'. Good luck

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