By adding use-ajax to a link we can open a modal using the Drupal ajax library as per the docs.


<a class="use-ajax" 
    First article displayed in modal dialog.

This will use the ajax library to fetch node/1 and then display it in a modal.

There is also a Dialog API for JavaScript which allows opening modals using JavaScript.


var myDialog  = Drupal.dialog(ADOMElement, settings);

The problem with this API is you need to pass in a existing DOM element.

My question is can I trigger opening a modal with JavaScript and utalise the internal Drupal ajax library to actually fetch the content?

E.g Can I do something like this?

var myDialog  = Drupal.dialog('/node/1', {useAjax: true});

I could just create an html link as per my first code block, hide it with css, and then trigger a click on it with JS but this seems a bit hacky - there must be a way to trigger this action using pure JS.

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You can trigger Ajax in custom javascript. See How to Trigger Existing, Non-Form Ajax from JavaScript Event

In your case an Ajax dialog:

var ajaxSettings = {
  url: '/node/1',
  dialogType: 'modal',
  dialog: { width: 400 },
var myAjaxObject = Drupal.ajax(ajaxSettings);
  • This works perfectly, but how do you attach behaviours to this modal ?
    – Teenage
    Jul 4, 2022 at 12:07

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