In my default/files/languages folder I have two JS files:


They are very similar, but one has some missing translations. The one with missing translations is the one that Drupal uses. Therefore some of my strings are not being translated.

I have tried deleting the unwanted file, but after clearing the cache it is always regenerated.

Any ideas? Thanks.

  • What is the exact issue? or having two files is the issue? – ARUN Sep 18 '20 at 13:17
  • The issue is that one of the files does not contain all of the translations. It's this file that is used build the drupalTranslations object, and therefore some texts are not being translated. – dbj44 Sep 18 '20 at 14:59
  • dbj44, Could you please mention here some text that are not translating? – ARUN Sep 21 '20 at 8:29

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