We have a node type called: MEETING On Meeting we have a user entity reference called: PARTICIPANTS I create several MEETING's and reference 2 users: USER1 AND USER2

Now I want to build a dynamic view we can use URL arguments in contextual filters to show all meetings with USER1 and USER2

I create a view called VIEWMEETINGS I set PARTICIPANTS field as the contextual filter and check "Allow multiple values"

view path settings are MYSITE/VIEWPARTICIPANTS/%

If I go to MYSITE/VIEWPARTICIPANTS/USER1 OR MYSITE/VIEWPARTICIPANTS/USER2 the view loads all MEETINGS where that user is referenced

The problem is when I go to MYSITE/VIEWPARTICIPANTS/USER1,USER2 it does not load?

How can I create a view that will show me all MEETINGS where both USER1 and USER2 are referenced?

I want both of these views to show the same results MYSITE/VIEWPARTICIPANTS/USER1,USER2 MYSITE/VIEWPARTICIPANTS/USER2,USER1

  • Can you post a screenshot of your view settings? – No Sssweat Sep 28 at 4:25

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