Sorry but I'm a bit out dated on the new composer methods of installing modules. I was used to installing modules via dursh dl webform, but now it seems that we require to use composer require drupal/webform

  • Why was drush dl removed for drupal 8.9?
  • How do I make a selection like how I did it back then with drush dl webform --select?
  • How do I download alpha versions of drupal 9 webform?

Drush dl was removed because it served no more purpose (it was supplanted by composer)

The way to add dependencies to composer is with ‘composer require ’

So to require a specific module like group would be ‘composer require drupal/group’

To add version constraints you specify then after to name with a ‘:’ in between. The Drupal projects pages and getcomposer.org tell you more about how to limit versions. By aware, limiting versions is usually not what you want to do. Usually you just want the version that works with your setup and composer will figure out what version that is.

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  • so an example would be: composer require drupal/group-8.x? – Patoshi パトシ Sep 25 at 18:24
  • 1
    No ‘composer require drupal/group:8.x-dev’ but normally I just leave the last bit out. – LvB Sep 25 at 18:26

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